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Mindset Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy with

Chris Cuadros

What Awaits You?

Meet Chris

Mindset Coach & Therapist

Utilising Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy

Do you find yourself stuck in one or more areas of your life?

Or maybe even wanting to make a change but having trouble making it happen?

Hi! I'm Chris, and I totally get it, change can be challenging.. especially without the right strategy to go about it. There's nothing worse than feeling helpless or stuck when wanting to move forward to create the life that you want or overcome the challenges that lay in front of you.

Utilising the power of your own mind, where all the deep answers lie, we will move forward to create change, and a new reality for your life.

What would that look like for you?

Would it be overcoming a bad habit? Or patterns of anxiety?

Would it be moving towards your goals at a faster rate?

Building a solid mindset to overcome challenges and strive towards accomplishments?

All this and more is possible and it starts with you..

Maybe you even take the first step today to..

"Change your Mind, Change your Life"


What I Specialise In:

Bad Habitual Patterns

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Anxiety & Stress Management

Strategic Psychotherapy

Personalised Coaching Plan

The Journey Towards Greatness Begins in the Understanding & Overcoming the Mind.

What's Possible for You...?

Begin Your Journey Today...

- Antony

"He took a much more realistic and affectionate approach to me and by doing this I got much more personal resolutions and results that don’t just stop when you stop taking medication but in fact get stronger and more prominent when practiced daily. They lead to a more stronger and open mindset. Other problems we didn’t speak about start to resolve themselves As I like to think it’s all connected. I can’t put a price on my mental health and life after speaking with Chris and our sessions. THANK you mate!"

- Steph

"Not only is Chris an amazing coach and therapist, he is also someone that you can call a friend. He is warm, encouraging, insightful, holds no judgement and makes you feel safe to open up to him. He has personally helped me and continues to help me navigate through life, and has helped me realise that I can face any obstacle or test that comes my way no matter how challenging it may be. Chris cares about his clients and their journey to reach to their full potential, because this is exactly how he’s made me feel. After talking with Chris, I instantly felt like a whole new person and felt excited about life again. Thank you Chris!"

"Chris was absolutely incredible to work with, his techniques and strategies to assist me in making changes in my life could not be more effective. I came to Chris with an idea of what I would like to shift in my life and within 8 weeks I have never been more in control. Would highly recommend this service to anyone and everyone."

- Kyle

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