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Meet Chris

Your Mindset Coach & Therapist


Helping people overcome boundaries and limitations they place on themselves so they can move towards the life they want to create is nothing short of the reason of why Chris loves what he does. Inspiring that hope and belief to blossom within and out of them is what Chris strives for when dealing with every individual that comes his way.


Chris’ passion and ability to connect with his clients on a deeper level and help them become the best version of themselves, has allowed him to positively impact and change the lives of those working with him. Having extensive experience in the disciplines of fitness, meditation, breath work and deep diving into the psyche with plant medicines, has helped Chris discover and experience some of the most effective methods in facilitating significant psychological shifts.

With his calm approach and unique outlook on life, Chris endeavours for the people around him, whether personally or professionally, to feel comfortable and at ease when in his presence. Helping people find their way, and bring forth the belief and hope within themselves, is what Chris strives for when working with his clients. Integrating his life experience, studies and deep introspective work, has allowed him to consolidate this into an effective personalised treatment plan tailored to a client’s specific situation to create a new reality of living and living with a greater sense of purpose.

Accredited with a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Strategic Psychotherapy by the Institute of Applied Psychology, Chris’ passion only continues to grow into the depths of the mind, psychology, neuroscience, healing, and coaching as he continues to study these areas thoroughly to upgrade is skillset constantly so that he can help more people become the best version they can be. 

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