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Success Stories


I would like to give a HUGE expression of my appreciation and gratitude for the sessions I had with Chris. I reached out to Chris as I was looking for an alternative holistic therapy. I was a little reluctant at first as I was unsure about hypnotherapy-I had heard about it before and wanted to give it a go but thought- was it going to change me? Also, I had so much going on in every area of my life and didn't know how or if hypnotherapy could even help me. After speaking with Chris the first time I realised how personalised his session could be and I wasn't only getting a session where I could unload some of the heavy things I was going through that I felt I had no one else to do that with but on top of that he guided me through hypnotherapy sessions that I was able to listen to in my own time (which suited my busy schedule so perfectly). 


During my first session I felt so comfortable and at ease to speak with Chris, he allowed me to voice out all I wanted to in the time and space I needed. He then created a personalised hypnotherapy session that connected back to our session and I used it as my daily meditation session that I absolutely loved. I found the whole process exactly what I needed. I didn't know or think we would be able to tackle all that was going on in my life in the follow up sessions but somehow, the sessions and hypnotherapy enabled me to gain insights and different realisations and I started progressing in areas of my life where I was feeling STUCK. There were also other amazing things that seemed to happen with my mind - I started to feel so much more focused, my brain fog was disappearing, and I was gaining clarity in areas of my life that I felt confused or lost about! 


Chris made me feel so supported and comfortable during such a crazy time in my life where all the areas were up in the air and I felt like I was juggling so many balls and scared of dropping them. Instead of dropping them, he made me feel supported and empowered to not only keep them in the air but add more balls!!! Then in my own time I was able to guide the balls into the direction that I chose.


I was also initially reluctant about the price but I can honestly say that his sessions were one of the best gifts I have ever given myself and are truly priceless. I can not THANK YOU enough Chris!!! LOVE YOUR WORK! 


~ P

After having listened to Chris's guided meditation threw my headphones had given me the vibration I was looking for with his voice and calm talking I was able to connect and found a addiction to falling asleep with it playing every night, after almost 3 weeks I can happily say this has had a profound and positive outlook on my personal view of life.


I highly recommend a session to see what it's all about. I'm sure you will be draw as I was within a few seconds.





This guy is truly amazing at what he does!

He has helped me and continues to help me on my journey in riding the waves of life and how to tackle each obstacle that comes my way. He is also easy to talk to, and you'll always feel great after speaking to him :-)

Shoot him a message, give him a follow and watch his truly inspiring videos. Thank you


~ Steph

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